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Our Services


Groups include (both in person and online):


We can offer bespoke Specialist assessments or standalone services that can form part of a multi-agency assessment. Services may include:

Feeling overwhelmed and not sure what Therapy or service would be best, or even effective? Is your head spinning with lots of questions?

How do you know which therapy is best?

How can you trust a service you have not used?

Is it the child or caregiver that needs support?

Where do I start?

At Children’s Therapy Services we will help you through the process of finding the right type of support for you and/or your family member or a family you are supporting. We have many years’ experiences working with schools, other professionals, blended families, adoptive families, carers and grandparents.

If you choose to meet with us, we will spend as much time as necessary introducing ourselves, explaining the process, gathering information and together we will decide next steps and the best service to meet your child/families individual needs

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