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Company Number: 15334109

Our Community Matter-CIC

CIC Logo

Our Community Matters-CIC set up in 2024 is a non-for-profit company, although we operate as a business any profits will go back into the company, to help us improve our services to the local community and beyond.

Our Mission

Our mission is to:

  • Reduce social Isolation

  • Improve Mental Health

  • Build friendships

  • Bring the community together 

  • Promote connection and build confidence

  • Build/Boost Self esteem  

  • Increase knowledge

  • Develop skills

  • Prevent loneliness

  • Bring communities together


How we plan to do this

We plan to do this by offering:

  • Therapy, Therapeutic and Well-being Services

  • Education and Training

  • Crafts such as Sewing & Embroidery

  • Support Groups

  • Specialist Assessments and Services

  • Mindfulness


Therapy/Therapeutic Services- Some children and families unfortunately are not able to access statuary and government funding. We want to provide a service for those who otherwise could not afford or be able to access funding for Therapy sessions.

Well-being- we want to provide a range of well-being services to both adults and children. Many parents feel isolated, judged and unheard with little support available.

Training/Education- we want to provide training to people in the community both professionals and parents

Crafts- we want to make crafting more accessible to our community by providing specialist workshops and events for all ages.


Support Groups- we want to bring communities together by offering a range of support groups. 


Specialist Assessments and Services- we want to provide specialist services with state-of-the-art equipment which would otherwise not be available or accessible in the local community.


Mindfulness- we want to provide a range of mindfulness services to both children, adults and families.


However, we are open to suggestions to how we can support the needs of the community and welcome suggestions.


How we make decisions.


Michelle Schofield, Director leads and runs the day-to-day activities of the CIC, but there are a team of Directors who are responsible for the company alongside Michelle.  They come from a range of backgrounds and have different skills and experience to ensure our decision making is informed, balanced and in the best interests of our community.

How can you support Our Community Matters-CIC?

We would love the support of the community and businesses. Some ideas how you can support:

  • Arrange a bake sale and donate the profits

  • Donate prizes for future raffles or tombola

  • Simply, make a donate, any amount is welcomed

  • Run events raising money for example, Christmas jumper day at work

  • Nominate Our community matters-CIC for any sponsored events

  • Provide a free service that we can raffle or for one of our projects 

  • Donate a voucher that can be used as a prize for a raffle

  • Have a collection box at your workplace

  • Take part in our raffles and events

  • Make suggestions for fundraising ideas



Our Community Matters-CIC will be applying for funding, if you have experience of writing funding bids your experience and support will be very much welcomed. 


We would appreciate you Nominating us for any funding opportunities. 


Let’s be Community Minded as we are Stronger Together. 

Bank Details to Donate:

Lloyds Bank 

Our Community Matters-CIC

Sort Code: 309950

Account Number: 24727563


Contact Details:

Our Community Matters- CIC

Company Number: 15334109

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