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Training Packages

Children’s Therapy Services have successfully delivered a wide range of training, tailored to suit a variety of audiences for over 14 years.

Children’s Therapy Services can offer a bespoke package. Examples of Training packages available include:

  • FASD Training

  • Primitive Reflex Therapy

  • Selective Mute

  • Sensory Detectives

  • Sensory Circuits

  • Autplay Therapy

  • Lego Based Therapy

  • SandStory Skills Training

  • Attachment & Trauma

  • Attachment & Trauma in the Classroom; creating Trauma informed classrooms

  • Caring/Working for children with sexually concerning or harmful behaviours

  • Playful activities to aid regulation, boost bodies and build connections

  • Lets talk Self-Harm

  • Food to aid regulation

  • Transitions to school

  • Developmental Trauma

  • Building your Instagram

  • Young people and pornography

  • Theraplay Skills

  • Creative Life Story Work

  • Russian Dolls in Therapy

  • Games in Therapy

  • Creative Communication

  • Involving birth children creatively in fostering assessments

  • Play Therapy Skills

  • Enabling children through Arts and Clay

  • Boosting Self Esteem

  • Foster Carers and Social Networking

  • Young People and Pornography

  • Living and caring for teenagers

  • School Training & Consultation

  • Sensory Circuits & Integrating Primitive Reflexes

Children's Therapy Services
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