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Adoption & Special Guardianship Support Fund

Adoption & Special Guardianship Support Fund (ASGSF) 

Children’s Therapy Services is an approved provider offering specialist funded services for children who are adopted or who cared for under a Special Guardian Order (SGO).

The ASGSF is a fund set up by the government in recognition of the often-complex needs of adopted children and children cared for under an SGO. The following children and young people are eligible to access the ASGSF:

  • Children who are living with a family in England while waiting for adoption

  • Children who were adopted from local authority care in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland and live in England.

  • Children who were adopted from abroad and live in England with a recognised adoption status.

  • Children who were in care immediately before a SGO was made.

  • Children who left care under a special guardianship order which subsequently was changed to an adoption order, or vice versa.

  • Children who left care under a child arrangement order (CAO) to enable the assessment of a potential special guardian, while the CAO is in force.


Each child/young person eligible for the ASGSF is able to access £2500 per year for a specialist therapeutic needs assessment; and £5000 per year for therapeutic interventions.

Individuals up to the age of 21, or 25 if they have an EHCP and are in education, are able to access the ASF. For more information visit

To achieve positive outcomes for children, the ASGSF funding can be used to pay for therapeutic services most of which Children’s Therapy Services offer such as:

  • Therapeutic Parenting

  • Theraplay

  • Filial Therapy

  • Building Underdeveloped Sensory Systems (BUSS)  

  • Primitive Reflex Therapy

  • Creative Therapies (e.g. Play Therapy, Art therapy, Music therapy, Drama therapy)

  • Sensory Integration and Sensory Attachment Intervention

  • Psychotherapy (e.g. EMDR)

  • Non-Violent Resistance (NVR)

  • Safe and Sound Protocol


In order to access the fund, the child/young person will need to have an assessment of adoption support needs carried out by the local authority. The local authority that placed the child is responsible for assessing their needs for three years after the adoption order. Following an adoption support assessment, the local authority can then make a referral to Children’s Therapy Services. When we receive a referral, we will:

  • Review the information to ensure we are able to offer what is being asked for

  • Provide a quote to the social worker which they will submit to the ASGSF.


Once the ASGSF has approved the funds (which usually takes around 5-6 weeks), we can then get in touch to set up an initial consultation session.

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