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Schools Training Opportunities

Children’s Therapy Services offer a range of training and have several packages ready, however we can create bespoke packages to suit the needs of the students and staff team or adapt our current packages.

Popular packages for schools include:

  • Trauma & Attachment in the Classroom

  • Power of Play

  • Sensory Profiles and Strategies

  • Playful activities to aid regulation, boost bodies and build connections

  • Interoception Curriculum

  • Lego Based Therapy Training

  • Primitive Reflexes

  • Sensory Circuits

  • Autplay; certification for working with Neurodivergent children

  • FASD (Foetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder)


Children’s Therapy Services also offer a wide range of Assessment services that schools can access. The assessments can be used as evidence for an Education Health Care Plan application. Again, the most popular that schools often commission include:

  • QbCheck- takes 15-20 minutes per child, and a screening tool for ADHD; although this is not at diagnosis, this will inform whether you need to refer for a full assessment, also the report can be used to support Education Health Care Plans

  • Story Stem Assessments- Attachment based assessment.

  • Sensory Profile 2- Screens a child’s sensory needs

  • Creyos Cognition Assessment

  • Creyos ADHD Screening Assessment

School Consultation

Staff consultation/coaching is also available. Consultation is provided by an experienced Therapist. Consultations are flexible and adapted to meet the needs of the individual/group. Consultations may cover:

  • Self-care

  • Practical strategies

  • Individual children

  • Reflective practice

  • Working with caregivers

  • Managing complex behaviours in the classroom

  • 1:1 time to explore an approach i.e., Attachment, Trauma, regulation


Children’s Therapy Services has a sister site- where we offer rental systems of Neurofeedback. Neurofeedback is cutting edge technology that can support both children and adults. It basically helps the brain work at its Optimal. Lots of athletes, footballers, academic’s, rugby players use Neurofeedback to enhance their performance, but it also helps those that struggle with Anxiety, exam stress, ASD, ADHD- this list is endless. The system is £1000 per month- with online support from a therapist should this be required.  A session takes 33 minutes and can be used at home or in school- sessions are unlimited, so can be cost effective if using it with different children/staff.  It’s simple to use once shown. Full details on

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