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New to clincial practice? Want to save time? Want to revamp your paperwork? Want help in creating clincial paperwork? You have came to the right place.


Private Practice Paperwork

Welcome Pack & Policies and Procedures


Are you setting up private practice and have no idea where to start with paperwork or are you wanting to review your paperwork and want to have ideas from another established service.


I have been in private practice a long time, and over the years have developed an extensive package of paperwork, which I review yearly which is a huge task so why not save time and money and purchase this pack!


Fee: £150 (Non-refundable as the items are digital downloads)- less that £3.84 per document!



What will be included:


Documents included in our Welcome pack (We print these and put them in a folder to give to families as part of our intake):

  • Welcome Letter
  • Our Pledge
  • Consent form
  • Confidentiality form
  • Therapy Rooms
  • SDQ Parent
  • SDQ School
  • Teacher Questionnaire
  • Contact Details
  • Cancellation Policy
  • Thinking about your child questionnaire
  • Sensory Questionnaire/Checklist
  • Confirmation Signature Form


Policies and Procedures, some of which are emailed to the families with the welcome email letter. You can decide which need to be shared with families at the point of intake.

  • Welcome email letter.
  • Absconding Policy
  • Allegation Policy
  • Anti-Racism policy
  • Client recording policy.
  • Equality and Diversity Policy
  • General Privacy
  • Practice Standards
  • Privacy and Data
  • Safer Recruitment
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Support and Supervision
  • Privacy Notice for children
  • Complaints and Compliments policy
  • Safeguarding Policy, Cause for concern & Safeguarding Report template
  • Privacy Notice children
  • Fire Safety
  • Remote Working
  • Home visiting policy & Risk assessment template
  • Lone working
  • Health and Safety Policy
  • Risk assessment



  • Quote of work
  • School Observation form


Please note all documentation will have Children’s Therapy Services logo, email and other details which will need to be removed and replaced with your own business details. This has been left on purpose as this will make it easier for you to know where to add your own logos, details etc. You can use the find and replace function


You will recieve a Word document which you have permission to take Children's Therapy Services branding/information off and replace with your own. 


It is copyrighted to Children's Therapy Service


You do not have permission to use Children’s Therapy Services branding or contact details.


You do not have permission to edit documentation for the purpose of resale, these documents (even after edit) are for your use only.


You do not have permission to share the documentations with friends/colleagues, sign post them to purchase their own copy.


You do not have permission to edit, adapt and then gift/sell to others- please sign post them to purchase their own copies. I have kept the costs low. 


Item is none-refundable due to it being a digital download

Welcome Pack & Policies and Procedures Pack